Сертификаты на производимую продукцию

Certificates for the products

Quality policy

JSC “Kvarts” has set as its main mission the issue of production of competitive and high-quality products, obtaining stable profits by means of maximum satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of customers and and all interested parties.
To achieve its mission, the management of JSC “Kvarts” has identified the following activity areas which are intended to strengthen the status of the company, and continuously improve the quality management system:

• Increase the area of our products through mass informing of society;
• Expand the market penetration through new types of products, fully satisfying requirements of consumers by their technical specifications and design;
• Exclude cases of delivery of nonconforming product to the consumer.

The company’s employees understand that the welfare of the organization, and consequently, their well-being depends on the quality of the work of each employee. Application domain of the quality management system has been determined as design and production of glass containers and manufacture of float glass and tempered glass.

The following have been acquired: a national certificate for compliance O’z DSt ISO 9001: 2009 under certificate registration number UZ.SMT.04.008.00032 and an international certificate issued by the certification body ICIMS.p.A. Milan (Italy) under the registration number 7448/0.
This suggests that the activities of our company meet the requirements of the internation certificate, as well as that a proper work to improve the system as a whole is being done.